Look at the Khadas Edge rk3399

They say the Postman Knocks as he did not so long ago :smiley:


Well let’s have a look at this Naked Beast and see what it can do

Firstly I added some plastic standoff under PCB to avoid any flash Bang
Then a USB powered fan with some smaller stand plastic standoff to keep the cool for now.

Fired up and away we go

Quick to boot Android 8.1.0, Tablet version
Basic as this is and being the first release it’s what I expected, many to follow i feel
superceleron has one of these, so expect some Hot Roms down the track
balbes150 I believe is also in the mix, more goodies plus countless others, fun times ahead
May take a little while, but many players in this field

Now is the time to get it from Indiegogo just the base unit is all you need
Case, Fan, heatsink and power supply etc, and you will have a very swish RK3399 unit…
Only need the rest (captain etc) if you are going into some hard core stuff and Developing.

As mentioned Running Oreo 8.1.0
We have Root
Upper and Lower Task Notification bar
And a simple clean rom, the rest is up to the user.

I will run a few test/benchmark as I normally do with Android apps.
Just to give an Idea of how it goes, how compatible or true the Benchmark is shown is always subjective.
Use as a guide, I think this will be pretty darn fine.

On with a bit of Show and Tell

UI basic does the job with ease testing apps installed

System Info

Root access

Installed Apps

Ethernet Connection

WiFi Connection ( Hmm forgot to plug antennae)



SD Card Test

I noticed first test a bit up and down,
Hmm downloading while test running.

Ram and Storage Truth



More as it happens


Test Ubuntu ?

Since I tested Ubuntu on my computer, I’m waiting on khadas edge or edge V, I love Ubuntu, simple effective for kodi, iptv etc.

Hi Robert.

Can you check the launch of the Armbian desktop version (Debian and Ubuntu) ? The test is very simple. Burn image to SD card, connect to EDGE and power on. :slight_smile:

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Yes on the list :+1:

Meanwhile Time to go Solo with the Edge.

A look on the Underside, with the FPC fitted.

I am guessing as WiFi and BT may not be implemented as yet will need to go back to the captain

Tested Debian and Ubuntu… quick look around as mentioned WIFI on the way…
Ubuntu tested back in Captain Ethernet all Good.

I did notice and I believe this is more a TV problem than Armbian,
When doing first Boot and to first login the Prompts are below the Bezel of TV
Image appears to big for viewing area.

Noted also when In Armbian, all boarders have a similar problem, can only see part of menu across top etc.
I found the TV is Not happy with 1280 x 720 by altering display in settings of Armbian to 1080 all was back to
how it should be and fitted well, maybe something to watch.
I was using a 32 inch Sony TV .

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Here we have Edge waiting for Input/armbian running all good


Curious about Terry’s Smart Tweezers(TST). Have you tried it?

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I have no needed to use this function, YET
I know its there when required, :rofl:

More great work by balbes150 :+1::dark_sunglasses:
Now have WiFi up and running woking ok for a busy Friday morning

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Which Wi-Fi Antenna you used:

  • Captain Chip Wi-Fi Antenna
  • PCB Wi-Fi Antenna on Edge

The Edge PCB Wi-Fi Antenna rate should can go up to 400Mpbs at 5G AP, the Captain Chip Wi-Fi Antenna will be lower :smile:


Well that does explain a fee…:blush:
Using Captain at this stage it varied between what you see and slightly higher

I must remove from Captain and do a Edge Solo retest :wink:

No matter what still good, and don’t have a lot of tools for testing, all by feel

Plug it in, if it works and not taking a long time to happen, it goods and it is :+1:

Yes a slight improvement going Edge Solo

Using the Supplied file browser and Media player, bit of a browse of the network, and a watched a Video all straight forward, easy


Subjectively (it seemed to me), in Ubuntu it is more convenient to work with video. Try Armbian with Ubuntu. :slight_smile:

Yes correct,
That was the first SD card I grabbed and booted,
In general I am finding the Ubuntu version better overall.

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