Linux with Mali GPU framebuffer mode

I have just finished a mini distribution (ubuntu based) with this features:

  1. latest kernel from Khadas github , branch ubuntu
  2. u-boot from Khadas github,
  3. Mali 450 driver v800 from Amlogic buildroot
  4. some minor scripts/patches (enable display, soft cursor)
  5. the root filesystem is from ubuntu base
  6. the wifi with the firmare from Amlogic buildroot
  7. the userspace Mali from the this version gxbb-r5p1-01rel0

I have tried some tests with the SDL2 library (version with Mali GPU support) and works fine (the vsync is always on)
I have installed all on the internal emmc , I am using a standard Linux image build with mkimage ,
At now without ramdisk is booting directly from the rootfs.


can you share the build

Sure when I have time to clean up the script I’ll do it, at now I did it for personal use (development) so is not a clean install and there is no a standard way to install it, its necessary burn the partition by hand with the u-boot command line.


Can’t wait for your share. :slight_smile:

its really a work in progress… at now I have reconfigured the kernel to remove the issue over 70 celsius with the mali.ko driver, is necessary a little patch to the thermal (linux side) and all seems more stable.

The performances with the OpenGLES 2/ SDL2 are good, removing the vsync for test the rendering its really fast.

Where are the official mali drivers kernel side and the binary user side for x11 ? I could try with these also buy I dont need x11 so I could have not much time to spend on it.

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We also got mali drivers from Amlogic buildroot, and will take reference with Hardkernel Odroid C2 which based Amlogic S905(same MALI spec as S905X).

Can you share the build please?

hi @pierstab pierstab please share the method so that we can also enjoy mali hw acceleration on our ubuntu kvim, and eventually go even a bit further because some of use have a bit free time during the summer vacations…

Hi ravelo,

We have add mali driver to linux 4.9 but just for fbdev mode. As we haven’t publish it yet, but there are some resources for reference.

  • Mali kernel space driver r7p0.

  • Mali user space driver fbdev mode r7p0

And about how to use it this maybe help.

And you can find glmark2 for fbdev mode here.

thanks Nick for the info,
I do not fully understand what are these drivers and how could they make the kvim benefit from hardware acceleration on vector drawing, video encoding/decoding etc…
If i understand correctly, when we say framebuffer, that does not necessarly mean that we will benefit from accelerated graphic primitives (2D, 3D, bitmap…) of the mali GPU.
correct me if I’m wrong!


I would like to know how to add these to arch linux kernel and also a working linux to test before compiling again.

Currently I am using Manjaro Linux LXQT for testing
Linux Kernel:5.0.2

Any advice on the above post ?