Linear Power Supply

I have heard that an external Linear Power Supply makes the Khadas sound even better.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good Linear Power Supply?


a quality source is a source made professionally, based on high-quality components. And quality is always price.

he did not say he wanted a free nor a cheap power supply ! anyway, the eventually clean but expensive 5V will always be DC/DC-ed down to 3.3 and even less voltages

Well, yes, I kinda also put a smiley at the end

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well @Vladimir.v.v actually it more of a grin than a smile :laughing:, Oh, and that was a laugh

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@patches what kind of power spec do you want, enough for just a VIM around(15W) or extra peripherals(25W), tell the the Wattage, it could be a bit easier to recommend.

ok guys i fixed it

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I just received a Schiit Modius DAC and I am most impressed with it cf. to the Khadas-I only need low power I think.

I bet 20W should be good enough for that kind of job,
Will let you know of some good power supplies,
It might be a bit expensive as @Vladimir.v.v said as small power supplies like that are very uncommon, but don’t spend less on a good power powers supply, because if you want to pinch a penny there then you will lose your entire SBC investment to some cheap power supply