LibreELEC not support bluetooth?


why my Khadas Vim(image is LibreELEC) on board bluetooth can not work, but it work well with an usb bluetooth adapter? and on board bluetooth also work well with android & ubuntu.
The version of LibreELEC I used is Vim_LibreELEC_V170116, and I downlod the latest source code and build the image, it not work too.
Doesn’t LibreELEC support Bluetooth?

I have VIM Pro with Libreelec (eMMC instaled balbes buld) and bluetooth is working fine including pulse audio.

what version LibreELEC are you using?

You could try the @balbes150 or @kszaq Image on microSD.

@kszaq LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.2c.img.gz you can find from me and @Gouwa how to write it to microSD and activate multiboot if not already activated.

The latest Balbes build with Krypton 17.3 but I have used before all previous his builds starting with Jarvis and Krypton RC1. I am not sure about oldest builds but 8.0.2 and the newest 17.3 should work

HI vrabac:
@vrabac could you please give a detail step about how to write image and dtb v2 file to SD card? it’s too scattered in that post and It’s hard for me to understand, thank you!!

Just insert the microSD in your Host (if under Windows it should be automaticly mounted, if under Linux use mount to mount first partition which is FAT32).
Copy file to that mounted partition and name it dtb.img.