Libreelec + Lakka run for eMMC

This is a topic for discussion on how to place both systems in the eMMC and be able to choose which system to run.

@balbes150 So for context, the goal of this would be to have both LibreELEC and Lakka running from the eMMC with a possible boot selection when powered on.

I need preliminary information.

  1. Which version of u-boot in eMMC now (what firmware was in the eMMC before installing LE) ?
  2. Do you have any additional SD or USB media with size from 8 GB (to write Armbian system to it, it will be needed for intermediate works) ?
  3. Is it possible to connect the UART console ?
  1. I have “Vim_Uboot_170121” installed on my Vim (I think - is there a command I can run to check?)
  2. Yea I have additional media
  3. Yea I have a usb serial device (though I’ve never used it…)

Question, when this is done, as and when updates are released for LibreELEC/Lakka, will I have to do anything special with each OS to update?

If there is a UART, you can know the exact date and version of the u-boot creation. But it is not required, I needed to know the approximate version. There are several ways to solve this problem. Now I think can use the simplest, adding all the necessary settings and changes to the manual and create by analogy with the system MultiOS_3_in_1, image to install (copy) to eMMC on VIM1. I will prepare the first steps and write them. It is advisable to prepare and configure a working UART console. Your current LE and Lakka system and settings will be saved.

By the way, it may be useful for those who want to make a different system with a choice.

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Have you solved the issue with UART ? If you do not solve the problem of installing both systems in the near future, the decision will have to be postponed for several weeks (soon I plan to go on vacation where there is no Internet :slight_smile: and I will not be a few weeks).

Can we still try this ?

uboot with multi-boot selection option is highly useful.