LibreELEC for Khadas VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 (SD & USB & eMMC)

  1. File “remote.conf” ensures proper operation of the remote control.
  2. In the description of the steps is skipped the important step of activating a multi-boot (it is described in the first post of this topic under the number 4). Without activation of multi-boot system will not run from external media.

I dont quite understand the meaning of this statement.

To activate the multi-boot using this media (as an option, using the launch application in Android “Update&Backup”, details are in the subject of Ubuntu).

Could you please elaborate more?


I flashed my vim with this, VIM_Nougat_V171028.7z. Can I multi boot using that?

Yep, it works with the LE.

can somebody tell me the meaning of this sentences?

To activate the multi-boot using this media (as an option, using the launch application in Android “Update&Backup”, details are in the subject of Ubuntu).

what should i do?

Write the image using Win32DiskImager on the microsd card.
On the memory card, you need to rename the file that belongs to your system in “remote.conf”.
Launch Android, go to the updates and install from the memory card. In this way, you activate multi-boot.
Reboot the system without removing the memory card. Libreelec loads.
I hope I understood you correctly and correctly explained.

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Thank you. This works. I cant find this info from google. The info in the first post should include this info.

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I have chosen to reboot and install libreelec to mmc. Then it goes to install to mmc and everything seems fine. no error when installing to mmc.the last message was powering off and the device turns off. i took off sd card and boot the device. the boot stuck with khadas message on screen. I cant boot to libreelec and android. what should i do?

I managed to install libreelec to emmc. i reinstall to emmc until it works. thats all i do.

Is it possible to remove Reboot to Install to eMMC option from the reboot menu? I already install to emmc and this options scares me. my kid might select it accidentally.

How to let android on mmc, boot libreelec from sd, have librelec stored its files in mmc(for faster movie browsing etc)?

I alread have android on mmc, I can boot libreelc from sd. how do i set librelec to stores its files in mmc?

How can I install vnc on libreelec burned on mmc?

Rename the file




Look for plugins with these functions for Libreelec. I don’t know there are such or not.

I want to boot libreelec from sd and store data in emmc.
In SD card, I rename s905_autoscript to s905_autoscript_data_to_sd and rename s905_autoscript_data_to_emmc to s905_autoscript.
Then I reboot with SD card.
During boot, I get this error
Error in mount_storage:mount_common:could not mount /devdata

What should I do?

In the script, which is part of the image error, use this file. The images with the correct script I’ll upload the website soon.

I was pulling my hair. Thanks for the quick update. Will report back.

The new script fix the problem. Thanks.

Where is the location of kodi settings after storing kodi settings at mmc?
SSH location.

Ah found the location from samba shares. Anyway, good to know the ssh location.

Hi balbes150, are you gonna update the version to 17.6 this week? Thanks