LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


The LE8 development is indeed ‘discontinued’ on, I guess the builds are, in general, considered stable, so development effort is now going into LE9.
Same happened during LE7 LE8 transition. Should critical issue arise, sure they will get fixed.
I think, equally, on VIM and VIM2, one can say LE8 is stable. Do you have any specific bugs or wishes?


Oh sorry. I completely misunderstood it. I thought the developer stopped completely lol. But as you said he just started working at LE 9. Thanks for sorting this out:slight_smile:


@Converted My builds are certainly not obsolete, they use the latest stable Kodi and LE versions available.

Development is focused now on LE9 + Kodi18 but they are both in pre-alpha stage. You may have noticed that my code has been ported over to LE master branch to gather all community work in one place - for now you can try using generic S905 builds, I think we will also have builds specifically made for KVIM after I figure out universal eMMC + SD card u-boot.


Thanks so much for all the good work:-)


Hi, I’m using Khandas Vim 2GB / 16GB with LibreELEC-S905_SD_USB.aarch64-17.6_20180122-KVIM.img.gz installed on SD.
Wifi works under LibreELEC, but not in access point mode. Everything is configured correctly:

  • Enebled “tethered” Wireless Access Point is enabled
  • SSID is configured
  • Passphrase is configured
    But, I do not see AP from my other devices …
    I want to use LibreElec in AP to share content via wifi with my other devices (I do not have an swith/router wiffi).
    Can you help me please ? Thank you


I do not use WiFi, so do not test in these modes. Perhaps other users will provide the necessary information.


Sound interesting to me even i can’t understand it …
Just curious, what content and on which protocol you want to share? Samba, uPNP, … raw or transcoded?


Hello. @Stefan:
Originally, I used LibreElec (installed on an old pc) to view, record the TV TNT (1080p video .ts) with TNT Hertzian key (double tuner + TVheadend) by wifi, from my tablet, my phone or my laptop. The old pc broke down. I bought a Khadas Vim to make the same use … but configuring LibrElec for this mode of use on Khadhas does not seem to work. After config, the network card does not issue the SSID (hardware limitation? Drivers?). So, I still have not been able to connect a single device over wifi, to khadas.


I would be grateful if somebody could help on the following: I’ve installed the latest version of LibreELEC on EMMC (VIM2 Max), but now, every time I try to shutdown Kodi (using menu option or on-board button) the system just keeps rebooting. The problem also occurred when I first boot LibreELEC from SD card. I thought the problem disappear after I install it on EMMC, but no such luck (the problem didn’t occur on Android). Has anyone encountered a similar problem?


Maybe something is written in kodi log?
Do you have specific services running?


Specify the exact version of the image you used.


The lastest version, i.e. LibreELEC-S912_SD_USB.arm-17.6_20180122-KVIM2.img.gz
Do you keep the previous versions? I could test some earlier releases.


Anyone have any idea of how to solve this?


I checked the latest image have themselves. The problem has not been confirmed.
Which TV is connected to VIM2 ?
What settings did you change in LE ?
Which remote control is used (CEC control enabled) ?
Which power supply is used ?


Yesterday arrives my Vim2 Max. I installed it first on eMMC the last Android Nougat firmware (VIM2_Nougat_V180209) via USB. After that i test that the remote control of my Samsung 4K TV works over HDMI-CEC with this versión of Android.

Then I install last Krypton LibreElec from balbes150 for Vim2 (LibreELEC-S912_SD_USB.arm-17.6_20180122-KVIM2.img.gz) without deleting nothing (dtb.img) and rename nothing (remote.conf.vim), using the launch application in Android “Update&Backup”. Finally after configuring LibreELEC, I choose off menu item “Reboot to Install to eMMC two times.

All works great after that in LibreELEC, including the remote control of my TV via HDMI-CEC :yum:

Resuming, for me works well the remote control of TV in LibreELEC having Nougat prevously (not Marshmallow).

Great work. Thanks.


Test version Libreelec_KVIM_KODI-18_20180417 for VIM1 (s905x).
To start, you need to download and add the dtb file (it is located in the same directory on the site).


Thank you for your work.
Tested. Wi-Fi 5G works. The movies are played smoothly, including HEVC 1080p 10 bit 60 fps.
The following problems are noted:

  • When you apply new settings, a black background with an indication is displayed (the circle rotates in the center).
  • Can not be installed in the EMMC from the restart menu.
  • Maybe the temperature is slightly above normal in idle, about 45 degrees (I have active cooling).

It remains to verify bluetooth.
In the rest everything works fine, it is suitable as the main system.


I haven’t checked this mode yet, so it’s disabled.

Does the remote work ? (I can’t check myself)


Added to the site version Libreelec_KVIM2_Kodi-18_20180417 for model VIM2 (S912). This version does not require manual copying of the dtb file.


Is there a git repository for Libreelec_KVIM2_Kodi-18_20180417 for model VIM2 (S912)
I look at but do not quickly spot branch or tag.