LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


What is installed in eMMC now ? What media is used to record and run LE (SD or USB)?

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Android - Vim_Marshmallow_Root_170303

LE is currently running on SD card



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Everyone here who bought and paid to have something functional!
I have reached a certain age of my life that it is no longer possible to waste time on things that are not solid.

Such as friendships, business, sleepless nights!
For this reason we chose to buy better things like khadas.
I’m sorry if you took it personally, my apologies.
More than a great waste of time your compilation of this I have no doubt, Without speaking the way of response imposed by you!

@Gouwa I am a consumer member of the forum, feel free to do what you want. For each one gives what is best!

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  1. If you have something specific to write about my LE build, you can write in this thread.
  2. If you want to advertise CE - create a new topic and there can write what she wants.
  3. Since KODI-19 from it will be completely eliminated any support for proprietary drivers from Amlogic. This means that all systems that are based on older 3.14 kernels will not be able to run KODI-19.
  4. Recently, the LE developer community (and a number of other developers and communities) have been working together on an important task - to provide full support for all S9xx to work with KODI-18 and the future KODI-19 with the new kernel and all other components. What would by the time KODI-19 to create everything needed to complete the work on s9xx.
  5. Your favorite CE does not take any part in this work (the exception is AFL1, which has recently started working on a version of drivers for DVB for the new kernel).
  6. The question is, what will users CE, when will the KODI-19 ?
  7. And what will CE developers do when KODI-19 comes out ? They will steal someone else’s work from LE and pass it off as their own (stupidly change the LE logos to CE) ?


What a load of dribble, unfortunately this has become common place for people within the LibreELEC community to spread such nonsense and fud.

Firstly the CE team tried to work with LE even after forking by sending pull requests that then sat unmerged for over 6 months.

Since where has anybody written that amcodec will be elimated from Kodi 19 as you put it?

If and when this happens the CoreELEC team will fork Kodi and readd support for it so users need not worry about support ending.

LibreELEC has completely abandoned KVIM2 and S912 users with their self destructive mainline only attitudes, panfrost development is far off from being usable for users.

We do not pass CoreELEC off as something it is not as if you click on our homepage it very clearly says at the top that CoreELEC is a fork of LibreELEC and I think all users know this by now.

Why don’t you tell the community why you fail to use git properly and completely remove the history of what individual developers have contributed, at least CoreELEC keeps the LibreELEC history which is something that not even you do.

As for our developers not helping with mainline I guess you forgot about @TheCoolest who wrote the CoreELEC VFD driver didn’t add mainline support? but what has LE done for mainline? It is BayLibre that has done the bulk of the work to add support.

Lets not forgot where LibreELEC started from… wasn’t it the OpenELEC code that got copied/forked?

Your comments show everything that is wrong with the LE team, nothing but hostilities.


  1. Please show specific examples sent to LE. I’m interested in seeing their contents.
  2. Ask this question to the developers of KODI.
  3. If a product developer deliberately removes certain functionality, and you try to return it, it looks very piquant. It is very interesting to see the reaction of KODI developers to such a return. If you’re so good at KODI source code and functionality, you need to write your own version of KODI. But then it won’t be called KODI.
  4. Do not lie about the refusal of LE support S912 (including VIM2). Since the use of LIBHYBRIS was declared illegal, the official versions of LE for S912 have been temporarily discontinued, as AML does not provide a version of libMali for Linux on the s912 platform. But not the official version continued to be released (personally, I did it myself) using the kernel 3.14. I did this until a working version of PANFROST (a free driver for the s912 replacing libMali) for the main kernel was released. From that point on, I stopped releasing LE versions with kernel 3.14 and Libhybris, and switched all my builds for s912 to use the main kernel. Now there is a working version of LE with kernel 4.20 for VIM2 (S912). It still has a number of shortcomings and can not yet be recognized as fully functional. But I do not see this as a problem, at the time of the transition from a banned system with LIBHYBRIS to a free version, users can safely use the previous version. Especially in terms of functionality there is nothing fundamentally important in KODI versions (and Addons) during this transition.
  5. Personally, I am not bothered by the last steps of the CE, which began to change the license for GPL3. But for those users who do not know, I will explain. Such a change of the license looks pretty fun. I’m not a license expert (and I may be wrong), but from what I know about GPL3, this implies that the CE wants to close the possibility of others using the code. Ie they are free to take someone else’s code and then prohibit the use of your. Again, I personally do not care whether or not your code is banned from being used by others (or rather, the changes you make). I don’t study or use your sources.
  6. How do I use i’m GIT, I decide myself and to anybody is not obliged to report. I don’t do a bunch of small commits because I don’t need them. In accordance with the rules, all my sources (which I used to build LE) are in full and free access. Nor any private GIT for favorites, I have no. Do you want me to spend my time doing a bunch of small commits with detailed comments to please you ? What would you like to take them not bothering to analyze what changes and what has been done ? If you need something, open the source code and everything can be clearly seen that changes the commit.
  7. You obviously do not know all the relationships and what is happening in the development of the core and, importantly, all the other parts that are needed to get the whole full working system (except the kernel, there are many components that need to be created). I am not authorized to describe these details, but I can say that the will of the LE community in this matter is quite significant both as an organizer and as a non-mediocre participant. For example, in order for Panfrost to begin work on the driver, they were sent samples of s912 equipment (by the way, the equipment was provided by Khadas and not only VIM2, but also VIM1 and other samples), and the negotiations, organization and coordination are performed by @chewitt . And there are many such examples. There is @narmstrong , if he wants and sees fit, he himself write information about the interaction of Baylibre and the community of developers LE.
  8. I’m not interested in your fight with LE. Instead of starting scandals, you’d be better off looking for common ground and mutual benefit. For reference. I have my own view on a number of issues on LE formation (which do not coincide with the decisions of the LE community), but this does not prevent me from working together in a common LE team (developing and improving LE). If I see that there are questions that can be done differently, I do not arrange scandals and ultimatums that would necessarily take my point of view, I prove and explain with arguments. And with the team LE all right, there are nuances, but everything is solved in working order without scandals and threats.
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Hey guys let’s recall we all do this for fun :wink:

We (BayLibre) did the support being funded, but LE and Kodi was an extraordinary way to make all the code tested and useful for a cool target.

Everybody is free to work on the project they want and fork what they want, but the hard reality is that the amlogic 3.14 at some point won’t build and work anymore with common tools, and all the effort you put in fixing bugs and features will go into /dev/null

This is the point of upstream, it’s not an obsession but a mean to keep our effort sustainable in the future !



You should really read the GPL. Looks like you don’t understand what you are releasing. Saying 3.0 GPL will prohibit you or others to use the code is just plain stupid.

As for the other stuff, we don’t care what LE. Basically the are showing AML users the finger. mainline work is done by Baylibre and this is awesome what they’ve done!
We will move to AML 4.9 lts kernel and then AML 4.14 lts kernel if we have to until mainline is feature complete.
Users want a working video/audio playback + HDR and all the other cool features and they are used to it. Until we don’t see the same quality in mainline we won’t show the finger to our users.

We all know that the main problem is AML’s refusal to do things right from the beginning and working in secret git’s and without providing proper documentation.



@balbes150 you only have to go onto the LibreELEC forums and look at any time CoreELEC is mentioned and one of the devs or mods there replies with some rubbish… usually along the lines of that we don’t know what we are doing… yet when we was all a part of LE and contributing to it they was more than happy to merge our PR’s and now they are more than happy to use our VFD and DVB drivers that we created, it’s 2 faced double standards and hypocrisy at it’s best, we don’t shit talk LibreELEC on our forums, we are better than that and we don’t mind that it’s done on their forums about us as it is to be expected with the snowflake millenials that have a problem with the fact that we decided to create a fork but what we do mind is when it is done on vendor forums and that is the only reason I chose to reply to your post.

amcodec was supposed to get pulled with v17 and v18 and it never ended up happening but does it really matter? as and when it happens we will adjust as I previously said, if Kodi developers have an issue with any changes that we make then we are more than happy to rebrand at their request, this is not an issue for us, at the end of the day we are a very small distribution with less than 10k users, I don’t really think Team Kodi would be all that bothered about us, if we are 500k+ users like LE then it is a different story ofcourse.

Where did I say that LibreELEC refused to support S912? I never lied about anything, you simply misinterpreted what I said previously, the LE team has done a S905 release and not a S912 release for Leia so “in my opinion” this is abandoning users.

Changing the license to GPL3 was only done on components we have created and only came about as a result of one of the LibreELEC developers attempting to rebrand the VFD driver that one of our developers had created by changing logos/versions and changelog history without consultation and thinking this was both appropriate and acceptable, we are more than happy for anyone to use CoreELEC or it’s code but for specific components we create then we do not want them unduly modified and redistributed simply because someone does not like the look of them or because it doesn’t fit with the same thing they have done to other components.

The way you use git is wholly wrong and inappropriate and I’m sure even your friends over at LE would agree with me on that, you completely strip revision history entirely, you say your changes can be see clearly but this is a totally inaccurate assessment because to the average user you make it almost impossible to decypher the exact changes you have made from changes that other people have contributed and it’s something I have seen you do with Armbian, LE and the Linux kernel, no reasonable developer would ever do this and I would expect better from anybody providing public binaries to be honest.

We are more than fully aware of what goes on in the development community, we have relationships with vendors and other open-source projects just the same as LE does and all information and developments are mutually shared.

As for starting scandals then I suggest instead of being a hypocrite that you heed your own words because I only chose to post here as a result of the slanderous comments and lies that you posted about CoreELEC, as I said previously we don’t care when it’s done on the LE forums as we have come to expect this there but not on vendor forums, its wholly inappropriate.

Lastly to clarify, we have no problem with LE, it is LE that has a problem with us because we created a fork but to those without all of the full facts then one could be easily tricked into believing that we do, we/I really do not care or have the time for this and it distracts from what is really important and that is the development.



I thought you were a good developer (not just a collector of other people’s finished materials, but a specialist who can work with source code). Therefore, you know that to get a full working system, one kernel is not enough. There are many other tasks to be solved. I do not understand why you do not want to participate in this process, if you understand that the transition is inevitable ? If you don’t want to collaborate with LE developers directly, why don’t you use a “neutral point of interaction” ?



The new version of the LE 20190225. When testing on S912, I no longer observe a rapid system crash.



Lol. There is no such thing as a good developer and if there was I don’t think anyone in LE falls into that category.
Ignorance will not help in this matter. For you it seems like an easy task to abandon your users and tell them “Well you bought the wrong device because AMLogic is doing things wrong which are no longer supported as a principle”
These devices have a life span of a few years. meson g12a and g12b just cracked the market. gxbb is old stuff and gxl will stop selling soon. So what do think people are gonna want next?
Also it is a myth that AMLogic will start thinking about what is happening in Linux, their main market is Android so Developers can not blackmail them into doing things differently JUST because LE drops AML vendor support.

But hey you see what narmstrong said: We are doing it for fun. I’m not getting any money for this and I’m doing it for fun so I can choose what I’m doing and personally I rather work on the vendor kernel for the time being. You can do whatever you like but I haven’t seen you push anything to kernel mainline too.

Let’s end this discussion it leads nowhere. I got better things to do.



Oh the irony of that statement :sweat_smile: development is not needlessly bumping packages and constructing bash scripts. I have yet to see 1 contribution from anyone in the LE team to any upstream project pertaining to Amlogic, BayLibre are the ones doing the work whilst LE sits on it’s hands and collects donations from “other people’s finished materials”.

Collaboration is impossible with continued insults and rhetoric, LE is inherently broken, nothing has changed since forking as can be seen in yours and others posts. Every time CE is insulted you alienate the whole team.

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  1. I made these quotes to keep your messages in their original form. I don’t see any point in wasting time on answers.
  2. This topic is about my build LE.
  3. If you want to discuss CE-create your own theme and there you can write whatever you want. On this, the debate about CE in this topic are closed.


Update LE 20190304 images.



Update LE 20190318 images.
Fix BT for VIM1 Pro.



Update LE 20190322 images.



The new version 20190324.

Please VIM2 S912 to check the operation of playback in the next version. After the start of the video playback, be sure to move the mouse, that would appear the bottom menu with a ruler of the playback time and the “stop” buttons . After that, after a few seconds, the menu is removed and at the end of the video playback, KODI should normally return to the file playlist. It also removes the “circle” from the center of the screen when playing.



The new version 20190404.

Pay attention, changed the image name for version S905 -> AMLGX.