LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


In mainline images audio is still 2.0 for now. Don’t bother trying to use passthrough or any other speaker configuration - the code for anything else simply isn’t present.


To check the installation mode in eMMC, specify the exact version of the image (link).


The first samples was a mistake, replaced by a fixed.
Updated the images on a revised version 20190122_test_dvb
If anyone has the right DVB equipment, please check whether it works or not.


Hi…in kernel 4.x there are no more PVR clients that are otherwise part of libreelec. because on my server vdr backend running I have no TV function anymore. I’m back at kernel 3.x but as babes150 writes will not continue. would be nice if in 4.x the pvr clients would reappear. MfG Pcdoc78


Updated the images on a revised version



What image (with kernel 4) did you use ? All Addons are in images with kernel 4.


I had LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.1-devel-20190117181739-79c10ab installed. and there was no PVR in the repository anymore. and a repository did not report, but it does not know exactly which. with aarch image it works but under aarch widevine does not work what i need around again for amazon prime video.


Hi Oleg,
with LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.1-devel-20190126092853-2f2cce8.img.gz

Netflix add on is not playing well at all. white screen instead of a video

LibreELEC-KVIM.arm-8.95.003.img is working well with the Netflix video.

LibreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-devel-20181114083516-cbfbde4.img.gz your older image it also worked well.

I like your image and I want to use it but Netflix is a must.


Kodi debug log or there’s no problem :slight_smile:


New ver 20190126, add repository ARM

To use Netflix, you’d better use @Chewitt images


I’m not releasing public images at the moment and I have no plan to start. Some time after LE 9.0 has shipped we’ll start picking changes from various test branches (mine + others) into the main LE GitHub repo and then we can start some official pre-Alpha nightly releases. Until then people are welcome to self-build from the amlogic branch in my repo which is rebased frequently and normally in a working state, but I regard the current codebase as incomplete (missing core and essential features) so I’m interested in fixes for issues that are found, but not interested in issues without fixes - if you get the point.


Widevine works ok. My guess is the kernel 4 new display driver but only guess. Chewitt. Please tell me how to provide the log


@balbes150 Hi. In lasts builds not work install to emmc. I test images LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-9.1-devel-20190117162416-79c10ab.img, LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-9.1-devel-20190126184220-2f2cce8.img

Old version work correctly LibreELEC-Khadas_VIM.aarch64-9.1-devel-20181229084111-79c10ab.img


Open the script and fix

if grep -q “${DEV_EMMC}p2” /proc/mounts ; then
umount -f “${DEV_EMMC}p1


if grep -q “${DEV_EMMC}p2” /proc/mounts ; then
umount -f “${DEV_EMMC}p2


@balbes150 its not work :confused:


New image version 20190211