LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


is there any compilation of your test
or another developer who can guide me
for arm S905D 4.X
that works DVB tuner
How Lima, Libreelec, nightly builds
Thank you


As far as I know, there are no options for DVB.


Last updated LE with kernel 3.14 20181217.
Pay attention all, this is the last issue of images Libreelec with the kernel 3.14 for the s9xxx. In the future, I stop releasing LE with kernel 3.14 and completely switch to using kernel 4.XX.


New ver 20181224_LIMA (kernel 4.19).
Menu items are now “Install to eMMC” and “Backup eMMC” “Restore eMMC” to full backup in a separate partition (Libreelec settings \ eMMC).


Ver 20181228 (kernel 4.19)
Tested VIM (S905X) VIM2 (S912)
On the S912 version, the interface is not fully ready yet, there are no labels, but video playback works.


The new version Libreelec (20190108) on the basis of the kernel of 4.19 works with HW at S912.
It’s not ready yet, but it’s working. Tested on VIM2 Basic (everything works except BT), WiFi\BT does not work On VIM2 Pro\Max. All models rotate video up to 4K inclusive, KODI interface has small glitches, but works without brakes. So that can be considered these images sustainable alpha. By the way, ran on all TV boxes with a simple USB flash drive.


To explain in more detail: You will not want (or be able) to use S912 images for daily use due to the number of graphical glitches in mesa support and serious memleaks from the experimental kernel driver. NB: Disable screensavers and do not leave Kodi open on pages that refresh automatically, e.g. the system info screen and you will prolong time before OOM occurs (and it will occur). I disagree with calling these images ‘Alpha’ … the codebase is very pre-pre-Alpha state!


I understand correctly that " OOM " is the fall of KODI (reboot LE) ?


Mesa has memory leaks and when RAM is exhausted Kodi is killed and restarted. The kernel driver also leaks and can cause reboots.


On VIM2 Max (3\64), I played different videos for hours on end, during which time there was not a single KODI drop. This weekend I will try to test VIM2 Basic (2\16) in the same mode.


If video is playing the GUI overlay is not visible so there’s nothing being rendered (so nothing to leak). On a 3GB model you also have a long time to OOM. Open the GUI on “System Info” which refreshes every 1-2 seconds and watch the free RAM count down :slight_smile:


I’m probably the wrong LE user because I use LE to watch videos and barely look at the KODI interface. :slight_smile:


Added images on MEGA (for those who can not download from Yandex).!r8x3nAqY!0vnxHmLIwNQloV_n9IAIvA