LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


Where to download 4.18 20181011 version? There is non of it on yandex disc link


Скажите пожалуйста, где можно скачать версию 4.18 20181011? В ссылке на яндекс диск вверху страницы ее нет
Заранее спасибо


Hello, Is it here?


Together with @chewitt managed to collect and create a repository Addons for aarch64.

The new version (20181019) of the image with the kernel 4.18 aacrh64 added repository Addons.


For all certainty:
This is VIM -only, right? Or can 20181019 4.18 aacrh64 also be used on VIM2 ?


VIM1 only. VIM2 is no-go until panfrost matures or hell freezes over and either Amlogic license the missing Linux mali blob or ARM gives it away for free.


I have no sound on SPDIF in 10.19 version. What’s wrong?


S/PDIF audio support is still on the mainline kernel to-do list and a small mountain of things currently have higher priority (mostly video stuff).


Hi, i would like to buy a VIM(905x) mainly for LibreElec, i would like to get the Vim 1 Pro, but i dont know if the LibreElec support is only for the 8GB version.

Can someone confirm me if the WiFi AC module the VIM 1 Pro(16GB) has is supported on LibreElec?


Hi Rubytux:
yes, both VIM1 versions support LibreELEC.

Have fun!


Update image kernel 3.14 ver 20181114


In this version work fine PCM audio coaxial

Thank you


Update LE with kernel 4.19 20181119.
Fixed UART console operation.


Update LE with kernel 4.19 201811123

add play 4K


Hello Oleg,

LibreELEC with mainline kernel can play 4K video now?


Yes , I tried my test video, it works in 4K. :slight_smile:


NB: 4K works, but HDR media will be “washed out” as there is currently no HDR support in the mainline kernel. This is “work in progress” with a dependency on the patches Intel recently submitted being accepted into the kernel (or at least clearing the first rounds of review) allowing work to start.


update image LE kernel 4.19 20181215


Some of these builds for Khadas came
with kernel 4.x and it is possible to install
in a KI Pro? S905D
I tried some methods
thank you


In theory, when properly configured, the common part should work (without TV tuners).