LibreELEC for Khadas VIM (SD & USB & eMMC)


I haven’t published this yet. I need to put it in order before that (there are a lot of temporary and unnecessary elements in it now). After testing, I’ll upload all the changes to my GIT.


Updated on the website image Libreelec_20180417 for KVIM. Now you do not need to download and burn the dtb file separately, it is included in the image.


I added another version of Libreelec KVIM 20180417 to The site. This version is assembled entirely as aarch64.


I updated GIT. But just so you know, while this is a test version and still need to correct some of the deficiencies in the Assembly.


Updated images Libreelec 20180417 KVIM and KVIM2 (note, the names of the files are still the same). Added Khadas remote control support.


Good job and nice weekend :wink:


Hi balbes150,

Would it be possible to include encfs into libreelec? That would be nice.



There are no remote.conf.vim in Libreelec 20180417 KVIM. This is the image that i tested. LibreELEC-KVIM.aarch64-18.0_20180417.img.gz


Specify what you mean.

In recent images, Khadas remote support is built into the image (it is now organized differently).


I need to use encfs. Im not sure how to ‘install’ encfs to libreelec. So I figure, if you package encfs inside your libreelec release, it would be much easier task.

Encfs reference
Basically encfs encrypt and decrypt your file system. I use encfs to encrypt files in cloud.

Is it easy for you to include encfs in your libreelec release?


In order to make a preliminary assessment of the ability to operate the proposed system. I recommend running Armbian system with built-in KODI from an external drive. Write Armbian to SD card or USB flash drive, without changing the content of eMMC. Armbian is a regular Linux Debian\Ubuntu. You can install in your Armbian encryption system and check how it works. If she is working, you can run the built-in Armbian KODI and test in this work of encryption.


Thanks for updating GIT.
I built LibreELEC-KVIM2.arm-18.0_20180417 image with success as follows:
PROJECT=Amlogic DEVICE=KVIM2 ARCH=arm make -j13 image
I wonder if I can use this image for 3_in_1 system.
I ask because for previous LibreELEC-S912_EMMC.arm-17.6_20180122 image I built, there was a choice between EMMC and SD_USB S912 device target and I chose:
PROJECT=S912 DEVICE=S912_EMMC ARCH=arm make -j13 image
But here is only KVIM2 device target.


This version will not be able to work from eMMC. You need to make special changes to mode 3_in_1. So I’m building a separate version for MultiOS_3_in_1. Wait a bit, I plan to add the necessary data for this option.

By the way, how are you running a new version of KODI-18 ?


Added a version of the image for KVIM assembled in “arm” mode (32 bits). In the near future,
To test this version myself (arm and aarch64), I found that the version of “arm” noticeable increased load on the CPU and higher heat TV boxes. I’m ask those who have the ability to compare the behavior of arm and aarch64 versions to estimate the load and heat.


I wanted to try KVIM2.arm-18.0_20180417 KODI-18 from eMMC but will try from SD.
I think I got an error building aarch64 for KVIM2, something about OpenGLES if I recall correctly. But building arm for KVIM2 succeeded. I will try to build aarch64 again and compare with arm if it succeeds.


You can not try to collect KVIM2 (s912) in aarch64 mode, it will not work. It uses libhibris, which is only for 32 bits (arm)


OK thanks. I will try arm from SD this evening then.
KVIM2.arm-18.0_20180417 works just fine when booted from SD.
Thanks for all your work!


Is it possible to emmc even when sd card is inserted? I want to switch boot without physically have to pull out sd card. Ihave atv in emmc and libreelec in sd. An option like ‘reboot to emmc’ in kodi menu would be nice.


Reboot to internal is standard on just about all the Libreelec versions for AML. Part of the shutdown menu.
Its been a bit buggy lately and needs you to select boot to internal followed by reboot, might be fixed.



Im using the latest libreelec (leia) and I cant find reboot to internal.