LCD power connection from VIM3 board and external power supply

Hello, all!
I’m using vim3 board, and I need connect the LCD
control to vim3’s through UART. Also I need to power my LCD from Vim.
Сurrent consumption of LCD about DC 0.4A.

Please, specify what pins can I use for this (no USB connector if it possible)?
I need LCD power is turn off than Vim powered down at the same time.
Are there power contacts on the board?

And one more question:
I need to powered on the Vim from external power supply
and I don’t want to use USB type C socket. The best variant is soldered wires to board,
is it possible?

Thank you to anvance!

SY, Serge.

Hello @sergetsp, please check out GPIO pins regarding the power pins.

Please check out VIN port for power input, you can purchase the connector from