LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V


M3 even better, more robust.
Hope it works, or I’ll feel bad about you ordering that stuff. :grin:

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I think the star toothed washers and nyloc should work fine. Not too sure about the nylon washer though, I used to help my friend build 3d printers that had delrin slip-and-slide components (expensive though)!



Yes, nylon was the cheapest slippery material I could think of, other than a felt washer.
Look forward to seeing the arrangement. :slight_smile:

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OK. Last one and I’ll stop. :laughing:
Any chance a shoulder bolt/screw could be had at this size, though it might be cost prohibitive.



Okay just ordered a bunch, the shoulder diameter is 4mm it seems, may have to drill a larger hole into the hinge. M3 shoulder screws aren’t too expensive over here. x12 for 1RMB each - probably overstock (hope they are good, sometimes get crappy things and have to throw away, very wasteful). :grimacing:



Okay the bare minimum for an “unloosening hinge” is the following:

Screw - Toothed Washer - Stationary Acrylic - Moving Acrylic - Nylon Washer - Nyloc Nut

I’ve already wiggled it a 100 times and it’s fine, literally until my wrist got really tired. Probably won’t come loose for months.

Thanks @RDFTKV :slight_smile:

The shoulder screws haven’t arrived, yet. Haha



I’m impressed that a nylon washer, that size, could be so quickly found.:slightly_smiling_face:

You mentioned a noise before, on one of the combinations. Is this arrangement noisy?



M3 nylon washer, yes tonnes of them here, bags and bags full.

This one is a lot less noisy, be sure to adjust the tension to reduce the noise. The noise comes from the acrylic rubbing together. :smiley:

I’m waiting on a new prototype with better hinge-tolerance. I used 2 surfaces to control the “mating-distance”, lets see if it works with less noise.



Hinge of Unloosening:



Noise not a problem, unless someone repeatedly works it back and forth a hundred times.:rofl:
From the gif, looks like it holds angle well.



It is done.

  • Hinge tolerances work well, very minimal sound. Silent if the tension is adjusted looser.

  • Buttons work well, need an M2 nut to jam the golden standoffs in place. Use M2x12 or M2x16, to adjust to preferred height.



Looking Excellent.

I am Guessing for a bigger screen, it would just need a larger Bezel and could use same Hinge for 7inch
A 9 incher may need more ?



The bezel can probably stay the same, its a 6mm thick piece of acrylic, really solid. Once it is bonded to the 2mm backplane, there’s no flex. If more support is needed, I can build a third hinge in the middle, and the lower frame can have a “rib” installed as well.

With the 7, 9, 10 inch, we would have a lot more space for the Battery, Captain and Edge, so we can also likely make the whole setup a lot thinner, maybe by half since components can be placed next to each other, rather than on top.

You have to convince @Gouwa about the 7, 9, 10 inch touch-displays though! I think they are indeed more expensive.



After messing around with this form factor for a bit (I have an iPad), I think Android, or some other touch-enabled OS is more suitable for this device - large tappable icons.

If you install Ubuntu on it, you’ll also need to carry around a small Bluetooth keyboard (with that track nipple thing), to make it usable enough.

Windows / Ubuntu has very poor touch-support in my opinion, everything is really too small! I see lots of people buying beautiful Surface Pros, then sticking an old wired mouse into it, or using the built-in trackpad…its funny really…its like someone wanted a tablet really bad, yet they didn’t want to abandon the old input methods.

Regarding my experience with the iPad, I have found that “most of the time”, say 75% of the time, I can use the onscreen keyboard just fine. So just prop-up the screen at an angle, and tap-away. Yes it does take some time getting used to, but once you “master it”, you can type really fast, and its convenient because you don’t have to carry the extra keyboard with you.

Now if I need to do some heavy duty typing, or coding (and my laptop isn’t around), then I take out the Bluetooth keyboard and pair it (pairing is an extra step). Also some apps / websites are not optimised for onscreen keyboard usage, so having an external helps - so again it boils down to “how the UI is built around an onscreen keyboard”.



Yep, I think we will do, but just need some time as our team under 996 for some quite long time :frowning:

PS: we have to ensure we delivery the committed jobs first.

Thanks for the suggestions :sunny:



“996”. That is a tough schedule. Doesn’t leave much time for life outside of work. Hope you all get a breather soon.



M2 locknuts for buttons! Doesn’t come loose anymore. Can probably screw them in deeper to make the buttons flatter.



As you may know you can get various Caps to Fit Bolts etc you find something to make it look swishy
Just an idea/example

and for those with delicate fingers tips :wink:



Oh yes those do look swishy. :smiley:

I did order some colourful ones earlier, and they didn’t arrive - think I got scammed. Haha!

Will look for another bunch.



Just another update regarding the Edge Series, we’re waiting for a new adapter board for the TS050 Touch Screen that will have better socket placement for the FPC cable - hence why in all the photos you don’t see me connecting an FPC cable from the LCD to the Captain board.

Once that arrives, I should be able to test out the entire mini-computer as a whole, and get it booted up.