LCD Mount for Khadas Captain + Edge / Edge-V

After messing around with this form factor for a bit (I have an iPad), I think Android, or some other touch-enabled OS is more suitable for this device - large tappable icons.

If you install Ubuntu on it, you’ll also need to carry around a small Bluetooth keyboard (with that track nipple thing), to make it usable enough.

Windows / Ubuntu has very poor touch-support in my opinion, everything is really too small! I see lots of people buying beautiful Surface Pros, then sticking an old wired mouse into it, or using the built-in trackpad…its funny really…its like someone wanted a tablet really bad, yet they didn’t want to abandon the old input methods.

Regarding my experience with the iPad, I have found that “most of the time”, say 75% of the time, I can use the onscreen keyboard just fine. So just prop-up the screen at an angle, and tap-away. Yes it does take some time getting used to, but once you “master it”, you can type really fast, and its convenient because you don’t have to carry the extra keyboard with you.

Now if I need to do some heavy duty typing, or coding (and my laptop isn’t around), then I take out the Bluetooth keyboard and pair it (pairing is an extra step). Also some apps / websites are not optimised for onscreen keyboard usage, so having an external helps - so again it boils down to “how the UI is built around an onscreen keyboard”.

Yep, I think we will do, but just need some time as our team under 996 for some quite long time :frowning:

PS: we have to ensure we delivery the committed jobs first.

Thanks for the suggestions :sunny:


“996”. That is a tough schedule. Doesn’t leave much time for life outside of work. Hope you all get a breather soon.


M2 locknuts for buttons! Doesn’t come loose anymore. Can probably screw them in deeper to make the buttons flatter.


As you may know you can get various Caps to Fit Bolts etc you find something to make it look swishy
Just an idea/example

and for those with delicate fingers tips :wink:


Oh yes those do look swishy. :smiley:

I did order some colourful ones earlier, and they didn’t arrive - think I got scammed. Haha!

Will look for another bunch.

Just another update regarding the Edge Series, we’re waiting for a new adapter board for the TS050 Touch Screen that will have better socket placement for the FPC cable - hence why in all the photos you don’t see me connecting an FPC cable from the LCD to the Captain board.

Once that arrives, I should be able to test out the entire mini-computer as a whole, and get it booted up.


TS050 LCD module is complete. Just ordered 3 more acrylic casings for @kenny to test. Casing project restarted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Drivers for this will be only on android?

Also works for linux.

When will be LCD shipped for INDIEGOGO backers?
I have not received it yet.

Hi @liucx:
We already shipped out the TS050 LCD last week, check your inbox for the tracking number.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Good day!


I received the touch LCD. Thank you!

Anyway, I want to know we can get this mount case.
If so, how can we get this?

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@licux you mean this case?

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@tsangyoujun Yes. I want to know it.

@licux it is complete. Okay I should make a note to do a demo of it.

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It all works when assembled (screen + touch + physical buttons) - except that the FPC cables are too short, will have to find longer ones!

Battery Power:

Connected via USB-C:


Is this another project? or dropped? I need just a small, solid, trustable case for Edge-V and 1080p screen. (no switches or swivel)
If it has been dropped, could you share CAD spec to 3d-print user’s DIY?

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Hi Sean,

We didn’t stop, just chose to focus on the captain casing first.

What kind of case are you thinking of? A tablet-like casing?

What’s your usage environment?

Nice to hear it. I have Edge-V and TS050. The simple box like pictures on your older post could be enough for me. Something similar with current work for Captain would be also nice. However, It seems I have to wait more to get any one. :smiley:
Thanks for your efforts.

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