Largest capcity HDD using USB 3.0 port?

I’m expecting delivery of the VIM3 Pro in the next month or so. I want to use it as a combination CoreELEC/Kodi player and a gaming machine.

I’d like to connect the largest ext4-formatted external HDD (with external power plug) for a large Kodi library. Is there a maximum capacity of ext4-formatted HDD the VIM3 Pro can address?

what relations between HDD capacity and USB port ;-?
u can use any lagest disk, but dont forget about external power plug for disk

1 Exbibyte - ext4 limit

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Sorry - you’re right of course; there’s no relation to USB 3.0 in storage capacity.

I’ve never used any form of linux before, nor used a development board like the VIM3 so I’m a little nervous on setting it up as a Kodi box & EmuELEC box (at least I hope I can duel-boot.)