Lack of OPENCL programming demo!

How to do the OPENCL programming on the vim3 GPU? For example,I want to do some image processing on the gpu through OPENCL programming , how could I get the result of that ?
Any advice or link could share?

We don’t have such demo now, maybe this will help you.

1 It is just a library of opencl and so obscure to understand,any other east to follow to programming with opencl on the G52 GPU?
2 Or any detailed info and specialized in running the cnn model or deep learning algorithm on the G52 GPU could be shared ?

anyone here ?

the bsp linux image supports the opencl 2.0 standard, you can use other arm intrinsics for hardware acceleration, but otherwise its all part of standard library.

maybe take a look at this for some open cl examples, will require QT libraries but might be a starting point for whatever your task is:


vim3 supports low/high power mode of NPU ,right?
How could we tune the the mode or check whether the npu is at high power mode?
Is there any info or weblink about that ?