KXTJ3-1057 accelerometer usage under linux

I would like to experiment with the KXTJ3-1057 Tri-axis Digital Accelerometer under Linux Khadas 4.9.232

Is there a driver already available either on kernel or user space?
Or I have to directly interact with the KXTJ3-1057 using raw i2c calls to manage internal KXTJ3-1057 registers?
And what about the back interrupt?

A demo program would be very useful to straightforward the tests.

Running i2cdetect the accelerometer appears allocated on i2c-4 with 7bit address 0E.

Thanks and regards

I think in Linux you can download the appropriate C software libraries, and you can program with them…
you should be able to interface over I2C


Thank you for quick reply,
I’ve already directly programmed in the past this kind of ICs.
It’s a quite time consuming task because I need to go to the datasheet and discover how to set registers.
I’d rather prefer something already available to play with.
I was just asking so to not reinvent the wheel each time.

I just peeked at their website, it seems they only have Android drivers, for 3.1 kernel…
on github, there were some arduino libraries…

maybe you could reverse engineer it to become a C library?

thank you for the hint.
the arduino lib could be an useful starting point.
Good shot!

If you do successfully convert the library, please document and publish it,
It would help many :slight_smile:

Thank you!