KTB running warm

My KTB seems to be running pretty warm(about 50ish degrees celsius). Should I be concerned?

Hello, Posting the temp of the TB will only have significance if you also post the ambient(room temp) temp of the environment.

The ambient temperature is about 26 degrees. The tone board reaches about 50 degrees celsius after 10 minutes of listening. It is also connected to a Suface Pro 6 using the included usb c cable and a JDS Labs atom amp.

Hmm the Tone Board does get warm, but 50C is a little on the high-side. How about plugging it into a different computer to see the temperature?

I tried plugging it into a different laptop and my phone but it seems to be running at similar temperatures.

My Tone Board (VIM edition) also gets significantly hot while in use: looks similar to VIM3 chipset without any cooling.

I will take a picture and will measure with infrared thermometer.