KTB power and heat questions

Hi everyone. I have a few questions. I’ve made a case for KTB based on the popular DIY build here. The only opening in this aluminum case is the slight gap around the USB-C connector. Is extra ventilation required?

Which leads to my next question: Is the KTB meant to be always plugged in/on, or are most people using a switchable adapter or unplugging it when not in use?

Finally, since mine is set up in my home stereo, I’ve been using a USB adapter for power. After looking closely at the one I’ve been using for about 3 weeks, I noticed it’s output is 5.0V 480mA. Have I done permanent damage to my KTB, considering it’s specs are 5V 500mA?

Thanks for any responses, and if anyone from Khadas sees this, job well done on this product!


The Power pack 480ma to 500ma not a lot to worry about, I feel

I never like to leave things turned on, only if required.
Consider a WiFi plug for the outlet, controlled by the a phone app etc, easy to switch off or on.

My TB is still Naked at present, not enclosed, does the box feel warm or hot ?
If worried a few vent holes on the back along top and bottom edge would do the job.
A bit of circulation can never hurt


Late thanks for the advice!

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Have you seriously just recommended that? Why bother with hifi at all if you use those.
@zodiac don’t worry, electronics are better of and actually prefer to be on all the time.

Do you meant the gap here?

I think it’s for precision reason.