Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

check those links from hyphop…

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u can make emmc image dump (from krescue) , and write(flash) it back to emmc
(its simple raw image compressed by gzip or zstd)
and share this image with me and other users

i can check your image and can make more advanced kresq image( prepare scripts templates for building your distro )



@hyphop Can you upgrade/porting Android TV for this firmware? VIM3L.Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023.SC.emmc.kresq (i use it now) has a lot of bugs (voice control does not work, it slows down, the keyboard does not work correctly when entering, automatic updating does not work).

this link is last ==> YES ?!twIgEAjI!MYiHtmmk9dDakQyu7dPrpm9m6sNqfPeXNrlLD_U48Ik


OK: i will update it today -> VIM3L.Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023.SC.emmc.kresq


YES!!! :slight_smile:


new VIM3L.Android.TV.v2.0-20200120.SC for VIM3L krescue installation image is ready!

MORE INFO read there => [ROM] SC VIM3L Pie ATV Debug/User builds v2 20200120


Dear Hyphop, are you planning to make a “language choice” in Krescue? it really will simplify life for many!

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Any chance of updates to Vim3 builds of Android and Android TV.

Nice work on the tool, looking forward to future added features like easy USB image writing and booting to USB/SSD from Krescue

if u you talking about Krescue user interface language ? i think English very minimal and its enough! but i mark as feature for future :wink:

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OK! i think SD/USB image write its next features for Krescue!


i can update today Android image from V191130 to V200103 - OK

PLZ take me last Android TV for VIM3 image - link !!!

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Yes, you understood me correctly! :blush::+1:

thank you very much!!!

If it is superceleron’s latest VIM3 ATV…

OK! i will prepare this image today -> DOWNLOAD HERE SC ATV USERDEBUG for VIM3 IMG

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new VIM3.Android.TV.v2.0-20200117.DEBUG.SC for VIM3 krescue installation image is ready!

MORE INFO => [ROM] SC VIM3 Pie ATV Debug/User builds v2 20200117


Thanks , Android TV Krescue working great

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Thanks . Working great

Awesome , thanks for all your updates

NEW Android.Pie V200103 for VIM3 krescue installation image is ready!



tried to install as before through the image Krescue on the SD card, BUT the preinstalled Android TV (from SuperCeleron) blocks the loading of the Krescue image on SD card. Who installed with preinstalled Androyd TV from supercelerone how did you update (I have a wifi and can’t update without an image recorded on the SD card)? :frowning: