Krescue and Manjoro Gnome

When using krescue to install a distributor dint see Mankato Linux even though they have a build available. Can it be added?

It will be available in few days as we will release 21.10 today and still give @hyphop hyph The updated images for him to add to kresq.


i have see only VIM2 VIM3 images

  • where VIM1 VIM3L Edge images ?
  • what a problem make arm64 universal images like other distros ?

BTW: vim3l bugs

again too much bugs

PS: any case ! i have see many good changes too ! new images suitable for MT decompression and can be easy installed via Krescue ! tnx

Manjaro images installation from Krescue (new installation way)

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Will create new images for all the Khadas device this weekend.

Regarding the bugs we use mainline kernel with some patches.
I still cannot find a single kernel source for all amlogic devices, coz maintaining kernel pkg for individual manufacturer is becoming harder for me with my limited time.

I have not tested the new images yet, hopefully will do that this weekend.

Please suggest fix for these bugs? Is there patches?

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maybe later - at this moment

check our kernels

I am trying to make a pkg at Manjaro using Khadas patches only for Khadas devices called linux-khadas

I see these patches are very old.

These ones are all inter connected to each other. It would be better to keep working patches like it is kept in fenix source.

It will be helpful if you can share only the working patches for 5.15.2



Any progress on cleaning the patches and storing them in one place so other distros can pick it up?

at this moment can try this one

PS: next time () we will create separate standalone repo for build kernel with patches for diff lines and binary packages for distros

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Thanks. Will try it tonight with 5.15 for now.

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Hey @hyphop

This patches are not just for upstream linux kernel but also for fenix package

While sure if this have anything to do with Khadas

Distro’s can ignore this one:

Hello @hyphop

I am maintaining linux-khadas kernel package using khadas patches.
Today I tried to compile 5.15.7 with your patches and it fails to patch as some patches are already present

just check every patch

  • maybe some already merged
  • maybe need rebase or sync some patches

PS: i will check it later and try to with last kernel …

It did compile fine now.


Build result can be found here