Klipper 3d Printer extras using the vim3 gpio



official img supporting ts050`

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not really a khadas direct problem, in klipper we can set the host mcu as such we can use the gpios none time sensitive stuff, control adxl, leds, fans etc…
i’v not figured how i map the gpio pin name
example on the rpi

we use a file called printer config, to define devices macros etc…
i’ll share mine for refrence for those unfamiliar and for those who would know
basicly i have made connection via a virtual port i assume to the vim as a
[mcu vim3]
when i try define gpio for a test fan to see if gpio working rpi example
[fan_generic test]
pin: rpi:gpio26
#more settings unrelated to this here#
that would work on rpi…
but i’m trying to find how id define gpio from the vim3 in this context?

in theory if know the gpio name / call for pin 25 for the vim i should only need to change
I don’t understand the vim3 map I’ve not slept and i’ll bet im’ missing something stupid

[fan_generic test]
pin: vim3: gpio26 <<<<<------ this line but it doesn’t matter what i’v tried the gui for klipper in my case its gpio i’m missing something really stupid i believe?

fluid, throws a klipper error not being able to access the gpio
as shown here
MCU ‘vim3’ shutdown: Unable to open out GPIO chip line
Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the

ok so someone correct me if i’m wrong inside klipper every board i see that most common, for use in klipper, have a foler containing a bunch headers, gio.c etc… would i need to build my own set for this? or do we have these files available.
if i’d have make up these myself anyone fancy helping me as really don’t understand that far under the hood?