Khadas VIM3 SBC: some questions to be answered

Dear colleagues,
we purchased VIM3 SBC and we have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to get the solution on Windows
  2. Could you please show on the picture where should the power 19V be connected
  3. Have you the solution with higher performance and more powerful hardware?


welcome @Alexandr_Yena,

I presume you are asking Windows10, to which answer is no, VIM3 doesn’t have Windows10 image…

this part is for accepting higher voltage

it is a Molex 78172-0004 Connector, you can get the cable here
or buy the standalone connector from digikey

the current flagship device is the VIM3 pro,
upcoming RK3588 based rock device will be significantly more powerful, but it will take some time for the device release