Khadas VIM3 is launching on 24 June!

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Hey guys, updated the VIM3 contest guidelines on the first-post. :slight_smile:

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@tsangyoujun @Gouwa Got the sharing done 5 times but my khadas forum e-mail and Facebook e-mail are different. Will the Facebook shares still qualify?
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I have added VIM3 on


Go add recommendations for it. Someone may add other pros the listing, and some specs.

There is also a category for the best single board computers for nas

When the proposal VIMS proposal (VIM3 NAS/server variant) becomes reality, Khadas may have both top spots :grinning:

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Yes you can qualify :slight_smile:

Check out this share-link, it is easy to see that it has been shared (status was set to public):

Looks good! We’ll uhh have to update the description sometime next week. :wink:

Can I use this dtv card in WIM3?
or can I use this usb tuner?

Well, technically it will “work”. I have the 3-port version of your Anker adapter.

However for maximum performance, you’ll need an adapter (or powerbank) with USB P.D (power delivery).


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Wenn you Release #4
It is only 6 days to launch


Is it correct that i Can use NVMe or USB3.0

Yep, you can setup using the VIM3 KBI for NVMe or USB3.0, block as below:


Sometime later tonight :slight_smile:

Hello Guys!

Announcement: VIM3 will not use S922X

Confused? Read all about it: Khadas Blog - VIM3 will not use S922X

Other Updates:

  • There’s only 5 days left to reserve a VIM3 at $69.99 (Basic) and $99.90 (Pro).
  • Participate in the contest to reserve a VIM3:
  • Share #VIM3 with 5 friends on Facebook / Twitter to get a free VIM3 Heatsink.
  • M2.x extension board prototype is complete, SSD, 4G, POE in one board.
  • VIM3 v11 is ready, specifications, DXF, schematic and PCB drawing have been updated.
  • VIM3 v11 has the VIN port for power input (back by popular request).

You Jun
Khadas Team

Tell us which version of VIM3 you’re likely to purchase:

  • I’m fine with BASIC, $69.99
  • I’m a PRO, $99.99

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When looking at the blog post, we can conclude that s922D will be used since it has a npu and is compatible with s922x. I’m curious to see the possibilities of such soc.
Will this new soc also run at 2.2Ghz like s922x-B?

The SoC used on VIM3 will run 2.2Ghz for quad-core A73 and 1.8Ghz for A53.

But it’s not S922D, as this SoC already end of its life for some reason :slight_smile:


Ok so it can be the A311D, but very few info about it can be found.


I’m little bit confused.
So it will not the 922X “B” version?
It will be an completely new SoC??