Khadas vim3 for android 9 or 10 Automotive

I am currently working on a POC ,

Below are my requirements,
OS : Android 9 or 10 automotive only , (with source code)


  • List item LTE 4g connectivity , CAN bus support , Dual display simultaneously (Primary android UI and for cluster instrumentation display)


  • Android 9/10 with secure boot

Are these supported and available on android 9 or 10 automotive ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello there,

the VIM3 doesn’t have any code for Android auto, it only exists for regular tablet mode and Android TV as of now…

as for hardware, there is support for 4G LTE modem, and can bus can be added with I2C to CAN converter, dual display is available via 1x mipi DSI Screen (TS050 touchscreen) and 1x HDMI port,

and for security, TEE can be enabled in the android kernel, so its up to you to modify to your needs :slightly_smiling_face:

best of luck