Khadas VIM1 availability for the future?

due to shortage of Khadas VIM1 at Gearbest I’d started to fear that VIM1 may become obsolete and replaced by VIM2 sooner or later. May I ask what are the future plans to keep the VIM1 production up?

I know VIM2 is more powerful than VIM1 with the same form factor but I do not even fully use the power of VIM1 (in a role of headless automation server using Ubuntu MATE), so I would be very happy with VIM1 and its lower price for years to come. It’s so much better than RPI.

The VIM2 isn’t really more powerful than the VIM1. In benchmarks they are about even. Also the VIM1 has better Linux support and this will probably remain so until the S912 is out of production. Various small issues mean that most TVBox manufacturers are not migrating from the S905 chips to the S912 and the S912 isn’t receiving much love from AMLogic either who are dragging their heals on releasing a fully working Oreo build for the chip.

I suspect that Khadas are putting more effort into getting their new Rockchip board ready.


Hi ufneeme:
As we claimed before, we will make sure VIM1 lifetime more than 5 years.

Have fun!

@Gouwa We are planning to release the product based on the Vim1, so the availability of this is important. I checked your schematic and I had to do small modification (jumper cable) in order to apply the sleep mode and wake up through GPIO pin. Is it possible to custom the board and what is the minimal order quantity? Thank you very much.

Will let our sales team contact you on this soon.

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