Khadas VIM 1 - overwrited EMMC

I am asking for advice what can be done in this machine to restore its ability to boot.
As a result of overwriting several EMMC memory sectors, the device has stopped booting from both the SD card and the EMMC. it is not also in the Upgrade mode, the Windows program also does not detect the mode change.
Can you help, please?

Try MRegister mode to upgrade

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THe method helped, but unfortunately only in half. I can run CoreElec from a microSD card, but the EMMC disk does not exist at all - should be as / dev / mmcblk1
Iā€™m not sure if this M-Register method disables EMMC memory,
but it is not possible to save it, and it is unrealistic to boot from the card using this method.
I do not know exactly what happened to EMMC - the device did not have any physical issues.

I am sending a picture:

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can you answer, please?

Hello @botland

Can you burn Android or Ubuntu to the board?

Remove the TF card and try to update:

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