Khadas Tone Board for VIMs


I checked the sound card connection to VIM1 and VIM2 via USB-C cable, now everything works fine. Was to blame bad adapter in sound speakers.

Thanks, I’ll write to her. :slight_smile:


3 in 1 VIM2 + VTV + Tone Board :slight_smile:


Tone Board sounds good! Actually much better than I2S slave DACs w/o reclock. It is comparable to Kali reclock + slave DAC :slight_smile:
Good work guys! Let’s see the price now.
If you ask me today what is the price I am ready to pay, the answer is 100 USD, may be little bit more. But if the question is about the price to sell it here in Bulgaria, the answer will be 45-65 :slight_smile:


Still the same question…
When en where to buy…



You are faster than us :wink:


You Snooze you lose :rofl::rofl:



More details at:


Ordered one…
When i got everything i wil wright some kind of review here


Hi there the Geekbuying Now Just Release the Khadas Tone Board
The first 50PCS can be enjoyed 89USD/SET and have a RCA 3.5mm Cable ship as a gift.
Hope hot sale on taking about 9 months developing and finally released Tone Board! :blush:



Ordered one, but I got the VIM type, have access to the usb?


For VIMs users, just mount and will use the GPIO-USB.

Have fun!


I have the schema, I refer if it is without VIM connected to USB to PC works or not?



Yes, we have two editions, and both editions work out!

More details at:



Is there a way to connect it / put it in
RaspTouch Chassis


I connected the card for VIM (the version of VIM with extra connector 40 pin) to VIM via USB-C cable. Everything works. I think it will work on the PC (if the PC has a kernel with the necessary drivers).


Use the USB-C Port connect to Pasp‘s USB interface and you can refer


What i meen is
Put the vim2 +tone in RaspTouch Chassis
Or is khadas working on a touch case solution of its own ?