Khadas Tone Board for VIMs


Checked sounds the way Armbian kernel 4.9.76. The sound card is automatically detected and works (when you select MATE in the SETTINGS). In this version of KODI the sound is also defined and works. So the 4.9 core has everything you need for this sound card.


Checked the latest version of Volumio 0.6 . Everything is defined and works on VIM1.

Connected the sound card to the VIM2 (the same short cable “male-female”). Everything works in Volumio too. Maybe when I was connected the first time, the Board does not fully receive the contacts via the 40 pin connector (disturbed fan).


One question remains…
Where to buy?..


Option to connect a sound card. If the sound card wasn’t on the bottom of the connector, it would be easy to place the sound card on the bottom without extra long racks. :slight_smile:

The ideal solution is to connect the sound card through the USB-C power connector that is on the sound card.

If you add instead of the 40 pin connector on the front or side of the sound card two dual USB (which use onon the RPi and PC motherboards) and a headphone Jack, it will be a very good solution. A short cable from the left USB on the VIM Board, immediately connects to the USB-C connector on the sound card (they are on top of each other). Then the sound card will perform two functions at once-expands the audio connectors for sound output and adds 4 USB ports to connect devices to VIM.


For the 40pin (hat) version, I think that on top of vim is the right place so you can asemble your device easy and without extra cabling even together with VTV for example. But I think that original case extension will be very nice to have for VIM + Tone Board.

I suppose that the main purpose of stand alone version of Tone Board is to use it not with VIMs but with other PC equipment.

I believe that the main purpose of Tone Board is to add high audio quality interface so smaller the circuit is better audio you got :slight_smile:

One more: I still not tested but if spdif is from XMOS and not just a shortcut from aml chipset it will support only stereo.


3 in 1 :slight_smile:

Side effect-I lost one of THE vim2 models for full testing (in this case it is impossible to connect the UART console, this is a mandatory element in tests). :disappointed_relieved:


When connected directly (as in the last photo of VIM2), I observe some strange behavior. The sound card is determined from 5 only one. When connected via a short cable everything works without problems. Is it possible that the reason is bad contacts ?


I think might be the connection due to the acrylic case:


Actually, we are always maker-friendly and the UART of VIMs board are available on Tone Board, as the PINs are in connection with the GPIO header on Tone Board.

As I don’s have Schematic here, may be @Ben007 can upload the PinMap of Tone Board here.


Generic Edition

Tone + VIMs

Tone + Heatsink + VIMs


I think the reason is not in this plate, it does not interfere with the installation of the sound card. This is a fan plate, it is freely put on the rack and can, after installing the sound card, easily move up and down. Most likely the reason is the heat. Today I turned on the cold VIM, the sound card began to be determined and earned, but after a while (when the sound card and the main Board VIM heated), it again ceased to be determined. Now I’m testing another connection option-the VTV Board and the sound card are from the down bottom of the main Board VIM.


Question. Is it possible to make the connection of the power connector USB-C (which is now on the sound card), that it would work without distortion ? As well as now the connection to the contacts on the 40 pin connector.


The console UART can be connected to these pins ?


How did you test distortion?There is no distortion in our normal use and test parameters.I actually use it as an external PC for more time.




I connected a USB-C cable (from my second VIM) sound card to one of the USB ports on the VIM1 Board. When playing the sound, there were strong distortions (rattling), as usually happens if the maximum volume on weak speakers is turned on and there is an overload. If everything works fine, I’ll try to run different tests (with different connections) again. Possible cause of distortion due to the USB cable I’m using ? What cable do you use to connect your sound card to other devices (PCs) ?


@Gouwa I can order the option of sound card configuration “Generic Edition” (due to those bonuses that I have) ?


Checked with another adapter, all right, the sound works without distortion. :slight_smile:

Another question, what size (length) of racks is in the kits ?


I test tone with PC(PC USB+Tone),maybe the power of vim take the distortion.USB cable has little influence.PC USB is strongly recommended.


Sure, you can contact Willow for the details.