Khadas Tone Board delayed pending Tax No.?

Apparently the shipment of a tone board has been held up because they do not know my tax number? Is there any way to find out my tax number if I’m in the UK or is it usually a thing for businesses to declare? Is it the VAT registration number or something? Apologies if this has been addressed, I have little idea what’s going on!

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May I know that where you purchase the Tone Board? And can you provide us the order number?


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Thanks for replying. The order number is #10310, and I purchased it from the main site

@Kingsley Please confirm and response.

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Hi Keith,

So sorry for your inconvenience.

In fact, your packet have arrived our shipping agent, but the tax number is required for DHL, if you have no tax number, we will send it by the China Post, its delivery time is about 15-20 days, and we will refund $15 shipping cost to your Paypal account, Ok?

Hope hear from you soon.

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When Ive had stuff shipped via DHL before they normally give you a link to pay any duty due before they deliver it. Havent had to give them a tax number before

Yes, this is no problem last year, but our forwarder inform us that tax number is required this year. Can we send the packet by China Post?

Yeah, china post would be fine thanks.

Does that mean I won’t be able to pay customs until it’s stopped @ border force and won’t get any tracking info?

Thank you for your understand.

We will inform our forwarder to adjust it. Usually, the customs is free for Post Service. The tracking number will be sent to you after they arranging, you will could track it.

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