Khadas Tone Board arrived! I am afraid and confused -.-

Yesterday I received the Khadas Tone Board. I received 20 and 40 pin headers and some screws.
Erm…I don’t know where to start. I am afraid I might break something :slight_smile:
Do I need to connect these pin headers? If I connect them and don’t need them in the end will i mess something up? Or the other way around?

I also received the Aluminum case for it and I plan to mount it inside once I finish this puzzle around Khadas.
I am prepared to be occupied for 2 to 3 hours haha.

It is slightly embarrasing tho.

Thank you and sorry.


Here are the relevant instructions.

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Dear Afraid and Confused, let me calm your fears and settle your confusion.:grin:

Hello, I assume you have the Generic version of the TB. The headers are supplied as optoinal for your possible future needs. If you are using the TB via its USB-C or SPDIF input, you will not need the headers. The headers, mounted or not mounted, make no difference in the use examples I mentioned above. The only way to mess up the board by mounting the headers would be sloppy soldering. However, depending on the case’s design, mounting the headers may cause the TB to not fit the case. If they are not needed, I’d leave them off, but I’m funny that way.:laughing:


Ok! From Afraid and Confused I transformed myself into Courageous and Illuminated!
Thank you RDFTKV and goenjoy (House of GreyJoy)!