Khadas Tea- Android Trouble

Just got Khadas Tea.
My main steaming service is Tidal and on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I can not use Tidal app.
It would play the first song but if I skip or when it automatically play trough to play song it never stops loading up.
Using my Ipad with Khadas Tea has not problem.
Using any other app on my Samsung S22 (youtube music, flac files on poweramp) has no problem.
Any one experience same problem? Any solution or suggestions?

Hi @Mazik
Do you have another USB Headphone or DAC?

Aren you able to have a try and check if the Tidal App with similar issue on other device?


I do have several USB dacs but Khadas Tea is only one with this problem.
I manage to run Tidal by USB Audio Player Pro and it is working fine.
Seems like original Tidal App has problem runing Khadas Tea.