Khadas TB will not work on Windows XP

Hi Guys,

I could not get it to work on Windows XP, 32bit SP3.
The PC detects the new hardware but the driver (v224) will not install completely.

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Hi @Blackhawk, yea Windows XP does not have USB DAC support.

You can see it from XMOS’ official driver page:

OS Support: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 & 64bit)

You might want to upgrade to a newer OS. :wink:

The Tone board user’s manual suggests XP can be used. Might be a good idea to remove the XP reference in the following line from the manual, " Windows
We will use Windows 10 for this example. Windows 7 and XP are similar".

But I agree, time to upgrade OS. :slight_smile:


Got it, thanks for pointing that out - pull request made for removal. :smile:

Now we wait for the Documentation-God to merge it.


Okay, it works now with win 8.1.

Thank you :pray:

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