Khadas power-on boot loop?

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Custom software

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Custom Version

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I have 2 different custom carrier boards for the Edge unit.
On an older carrier board, the khadas boots properly and there is no issues.

On a newer board, the blue light just blinks forever.
A second version of that same new board, no lights blink at all.

On new board 1 (NB1) My serial debug output looks like this

DDR Version 1.24 20191016
DDR Version 1.24 20191016
DDR Version 1.24 20191016

While on New Board 2 (NB2) there is no serial output.

Obviously the issue lies with NB1 and NB2. However I am hoping someone can point be to a goldfinger or something along those lines that would be causing this behaviour.

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No console log.

It indicates that the WOL mode is entered, and you can press the power key to start the machine.

Try upgrading the firmware again.

Thanks for the reply.
Power key does not change any states

I am using the same Khadas edge in all 3 carrier boards. So if I take the khadas back to the original carrier board, it boots and functions with no issues.

Is there gold fingers that cause WOL mode to be entered?

Two pieces of information show that it has nothing to do with WOL. We can’t provide a solution here. After all, the bottom plate is designed by you, and only you know better. You can compare it with the old base plate you designed before. If you have any questions on the circuit, you can post them. I will find a hardware engineer to help you analyze them.

Fair enough, was hoping there was some kinda undocumented tribal knowledge. ie: Don’t connect pin SXXX to GND on boot or it wont start up correctly.

Thanks for the help regardless. We’ll figure it out here. :slight_smile: