Khadas HDMI problem

Hi !
In the recently purchased Khadas Vim Pro at the system start, the image goes outside the monitor border. Connection for HDMI.
Tried different monitors - on TV Liberty 32 " and on LG 19" result is same.
Is it a hardware problem or an image ? Help me plz !
If you need a screenshot or a photo, I can send it.

You can just set the scale for your monitors:
Settings --> Display --> Screen Postion --> Zoom out

Have fun!

Hi Gouwa !

Sorry, only on my RPi-2 I do not do this !
HDMI on RPi-2 work fine from start on Liberty & LG monitors !!!
May bee problem in driver HDMI on Khadas ?!

Which version ROM did you installed? And have you changed the configuration? the VIMs should can auto-match the monitor via HDMI EDID.

Anyway, the setup is rememberable, you just need to setup one time. :wink:

Hi Gouwa !

Since Debian is similar to Raspbian did not find, I tried different Ubuntu - the result is the same.

Can Raspbian ROM run on Vim Pro ? … but CPU-s equal !!!

HDMI on Firmware Android was work ok, only I need Debian and QT Creator, which unfortunately I did not find in the distribution kit :frowning:

About monitor-s setup a know and tried - with vim pro did not work.