Khadas enhanced wirh more memory

It is posible to get a version of the Khadas with 8GB RAM / 32GB?

Hi, unixos:
Currently we still don’t have thus spec as 8GB RAM in this year, but VIM2 which will launch in early July will be a model with 3GB DDR4 and up to 64 GB EMMC storage.

May I know why you want a 8GB RAM device?

i think fast mass storage is more useful, for most usages, than ginormous ram

Some idea of how to do it with the Khadas or to whom ask to build this modified Khadas.
I prefer more RAM 64GB by example

I want to translate some process that use intensively the memory RAM like to determ fingerprint matching. (The database is about 40 millions of subjects)

Could you buil upon a request (special project) a Khadas with 32 or 64+ GB RAM and 64 or 128+ GB of storage space? Please quote


Basically, only server-class CPU support upto 32/64GB RAM, as I known at the moment, following FYI:

Regarding the ODM service, please provide mode details about your project at


This is way above the specs the Amlogic SoCs are designed for (mainly Android TV set top boxes), you may consider buying something like this here, or try it online at (Type 2A).

Even this board here doesn’t support more then 16GB, but at least ECC RAM.

If you still want to use inexpensive boards you may consider to switch your application architecture to make use of a distributed hash map like Cassandra or Redis.

LOL I had to laugh after reading that. 64GB of RAM in a SBC? Uhhhhh…

Its impossible with the current hardware - it simply will not support it. No Amlogic device can even have 8GB RAM, let alone 64.

If you need 64GB RAM, you either need to be looking into regular server hardware, or a high end desktop board (mine supported 32 GB, and its over 5 years old) I’m sure you could get a good motherboard in the desktop catagory that’s pretty cheap. You might be on an older socket/chipset (if you want the cheapest) but that’s pretty irrelevant anyways.