Khadas Edge-V - PS4 Bluetooth Controller Support


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Someone can check if they get PS4 Bluetooth v1 or v2 controllers working in Android 9?
The USB controllers work correctly, it’s just the bluetooth ones that have a problem.

I heard Android 10 with newer kernel has native support for PS4 bluetooth controllers but would like it to work on Android 9 too since lots of users either use an Xbox or PS4 Bluetooth controller since they are the most popular.

Perhaps these 2 commits fixes it or the whole hid-sony.c commits from RK3399 Android 10 4.19 kernel(or Vim 3 4.9 kernel) need to be backported to Android 9 perhaps?

I don’t have a PS4 bluetooth controller so can’t test but maybe Khadas can get one to test?


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Thank you for your feedback.
Edge android 9.0 is:

VIM3 android 9.0 is:

Edge android 10.0 is:

So when edge Android 10.0 is released, this problem should not exist.

Now rk3399 Android 10.0 does not adapt the remote control. When I optimize the remote control, edge Android 10.0 will be released soon.

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Yes, will probably need Android 10.

Can you check this problem with AndroidTV, perhaps you can with Android 10 that supports AndroidTV on Edge-V?
If you use AndroidTV and want to use a phone launcher then the phone launchers don’t get the widget permission to add widgets to the homescreen and then crash.
You can type a command manually in a terminal to fix it but require root access.
So I was wondering if there is an easy way with a TvSettings menu to execute the command or a script file to do it without a user having to root a device or doing it manually.

Rk3399 Android 10.0 does not support AndroidTV, nor does it have a TvSettings app.


It might be possible to build AndroidTV

Does Edge-V Android 10 SDK still need to be fully uploaded and ir remote added?

Do you know the full size of the Android 10 SDK .repo folder downloaded?
My connection became much slower since lots of users now connect to 4G to the same towers.
Github download speed is also slow certain times of the day.
There isn’t perhaps a way to tar zip the Edge-V Android 10 .repo folder perhaps in a few files so it can be downloaded at full speed and later you can just sync it to update the code with the Github code?
I was thinking then I could download some zipped parts with ADSL and others with 4G, 2 connections at a time to half the download time.

If not possible, is there a way to download from git with multiple connections to get better speeds or if the internet connection fails to easily recover and continue downloading from github?

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there’s no way one can have two simultaneous internet connections to increase bandwidth,
If you are using mobile data you could try to do USB tethering to have a connections that is stable between the mobile device and your PC, It is very tedious to download those files over mobile data as it is probably in the range of 10’s of gigabytes,
you are definite to have hiccups in your connection while downloading,

I didn’t explain properly, it’s 2 different connections over 2 PC’s.
Yes, the download is over 150GB and it’s not a single file you can just resume without errors, you can resume but Github causes problems if your connection goes down several times and also they don’t support auto resuming downloads, so you have to restart each time and hope there aren’t errors for it to resume from the last point. But I’ll manage somehow even if it takes a few days :slight_smile:

Another thing to note is that, A few years ago Github was attacked by some hackers who created a DDoS attack which Overpowered Github’s 2 Terabit bandwidth back then, after which important measures which significantly reduced the bandwidth a person using it could have and it was even more reduced if there were a high number of requests given to it, so to build a ubuntu image in fenix whose requisites should take 5-6 mins at max to install with a 20 Mbit connection went to 20-30 mins and at a reduced bandwidth of 1 MBits !!

So your Android requisite download time will increase from a few days to more like a week :dizzy_face:

Tip: You might need to run above command repeatly if it fails halfway. Or you can try with this script instead:

repo sync -j4
while [ $? = 1 ]; do
	echo "Sync failed, repeat again:"
	repo sync -j4

If needed, press Ctrl-\ to quit.

It is recommended to download the code in this way.