Keyboard on Type-C USB Android

Hi, I want to use three USB connectors on my VIM3 under Android
I have a GPS in one, a touch screen on the other, want a cordless keyboard usb on the last one.
My VIM3 is powered by the VIN connector already so I do not need the type-C connector for power.
I cannot get it to work under android, I am using an OTG cable on the type-C port and it works with Ubuntu but not Android…


I have not tried the USB-C for other than power and flashing. I am curious now and will try it tonight.

Also, a third USB2 port is in the GPIO, should be easy enough to tap it. It will work straight away in Android.

Also remember, volts applied to VIN, will also be fed to USB-C connected devices. If more than 5v present on VIN, could be a threat to connected device. I don’t think that is a worry on the latest board revision.

yes I am using a 3 amp adjustable buck convertor on the VIN pins and I have it set at 5.25v

this is for use as a CarPC so I am setup to run on 12v

The USB-C works for the keyboard usb under ubuntu so I know all hardware works.

I do have some usb pigtails around somewhere, perhaps I should go to the GPIO as you have suggested…
I will look into it too.


I could not try it as my VIN cable is missing. I’ll find it, probably while looking for something else.
I am curious, how hot does your buck run?

I ran it for a few hours and it was fine. Tho the system was just idling.

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