Kernel 6.1.0 breaks WiFi

@christian5271 usually the fenix update bundles multiple patch fixes and might take time.
you could consider building an up to date image or just the kernel update package using fenix.

provided if the rest your provided system is already working, and you only need a kernel update, just do make kernel-deb and install the packages generated onto your devices.

should fix the issue and save your time by unnecessarily needing to update all the devices with new images and doing post install setup afterwards.

Thank you very much for spending the effort to reply to me - it’s very much appreciated.

I know I could build the kernel myself. But the problem is the deployment: I have a fleet of devices to upgrade and we do this in an automated fashion using Ansible. Ansible basically runs a apt update && apt dist-upgrade. I would have to change the whole deployment logic in our Ansible playbook just for a one-time hotfix.

I’m only referring to the complete image because anybody who currently buys a VIM3 and uses OOWOW to flash an image will try the latest, broken Fenix 1.4 / Linux 6.1.0 image. From my point of view, this alone should justify a hotfix.


I agree with this, hopefully the buggy image can be pulled down and a updated image can be pushed for public download as soon as possible.

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I just got this problem after installing Ubuntu 22.04 on vim3 using OOWOW. My internet connection would die shortly after login and then I had to use the steps back in this thread to resolve. Unexpected to say the least