Jupyter notebook for khadas VIM3

Dear all, i am trying to install jupyter notebook in Khadas VIM3, in order to use tesorflow with jupyternotebook, someone can guide to me in order to find the correct dockers version for linux/arm64, thanks

Do you mean you’re looking for jupyter notebook docker image for arm64?

From a quick search i can see that they only maintain amd64 but someone have made an issue on their git to share support for arm64.

Here is the issue link

He have created a nice script to pull ubuntu arm64 and install all the pkgs needed to run jupyter notebook over it.

Link to the dockerfile script.

I hope this is what you were looking for.
Try it to see if it still works.

Good luck.


@jairoaruiz You can install it via python3-pip

$ sudo apt upate
$ sudo apt install python3-pip
$ pip3 install jupyter

Wait for a while, the installation will be completed.

But I think running tensorflow directly on the board is not a good choice, you cannot use NPU. CPU performance can’t match PC compared


Thanks Frank for your help, i have been working with tensorflow as a library using jupyter, that was the reason to try to install jupyter notebook. I have been searching a manual, tutorial, in order to begin to use Khadas NPU for beginner, please let me know if you manage something about it, thanks

@jairoaruiz You can follow our docs .

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@Frank The initial NPU Demo is documented well. However, I find it quite difficult to follow the SDK instructions… Is there a document/ video which is explained for a beginner level?

@Frank Also I get errors while installing the “dependant installations”.

@Akkisony Post the complete error message

@Frank Thank you for your reply.
Please find some of the attached screenshot.

@Akkisony You host is Ubuntu 20.04 ? I remember that some packages not supports in Ubuntu20.04 , maybe you can try 18.04 ?

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@Frank Thank you for replying spontaneously!
Yes, my host PC is Ubuntu 20.04 and I will have to use this version itself for my project. Is there another way to install these libraries on Ubuntu 20.04?
Thank you for always being helpful! :slight_smile:

@Akkisony I tried to use 20.04 at the time, but many dependencies were not perfect yet, and finally gave up 20.04