Issue with vim3 USB C cable

The USB-C power cable I purchased from the Khadas store does not work with the vim DIY case as the connector is too short to make a connection to the vim board with the DIY case are there any plans to revise the USB-C cable or the DIY Case? As it’s kind of misleading to label the vim3 compatible with the DIY case if you can’t power the board while using it.

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Yes the white one which comes with vim 3 have a shorter usb c connector.

I would also request khadas team not to provide yhe power adapter which does not have voltage negotiation in it. Or maybe they should inform/warn the users not to use it with any other device as it directly delivers 9v instead of 5v as all other standard pd does.

Hi @Anubis, sorry about that.

We are noticing variances in the head length from batch to batch. The last batch was on the “short” side.

The quick fix is to open your DIY Case, remove the screws, then nudge it backwards against the back wall, then screw it back in whilst maintaining the new position.

If you still experience the issue, PM us your order # and we will send you a new cable.

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