Is Khadas ready to be use in production / commercial projects?


I would like to try using Khadas in a kind of commercial project where the device is supposed to run 24/7 and play video (and bunch of other stuff) from the internet in a loop.

We have this currently running on Raspberry PI 4 but there are multiple issues with the video playback (omxplayer sometimes creates hundreths of “ghost” processes etc.). And I just prefer Android to unix programming, so I would like to use Khadas with Android.

Have anyone tested running VIM3 with Android for longer time? Are there some issues possible such as overheating, running out of memory etc.? Is it planned in the future to be able to update Andoid over the internet (OTA?) or something like that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you want to use Android then video playback is very smooth on vim3.
If you plan to run it at full load 24/7 then make sure you have a heatpad underneath with metalplate. On top the heatsink with fan3705 and keep it on auto mode in latest android image.

With all this you can use vim3 24/7 on full load as we at Manjaro ARM team make use of vim3 for compiling firefox browser which takes more than 5hrs to compile on on rpi4 while it take only 3hrs on vim3.