Is it possible using M2 to miniPCIe and miniPCIe to Ethernet component replace 4G LTE module , get additional ethernet?

I have VIM3 board and New M2x Extension, according to the docs, VIM3 has “VIM3/3L (Full-Featured, PCIe x1 Lane)”, and I want an additional Ethernet port. The new M2X Extension board support 4G LTE module, so, I want to know, is it possible using combined m2-to-miniPCIe and miniPCIe-to-Ethernet(intel i211/i219/i210 PCIe ethernet controller) to replace 4G LTE module, to get an additional Ethernet Port?

Hey! yes, there is an expansion card with an additional LAN port.

You can try, but I’m not sure whether there is a driver for it. What’s the interface of your ethernet controller? Actually, our 4G moudle is USB protocol. You Ethernet controller is the same?

@numbqq, I think @tyk_khadas wants to use something like this:

its a ethernet card that connects to the PCIe slot and acts as network card, this won’t work, as the 4G module slot is USB based with m.2 port, but this is PCIe, hence it will not work

@Vladimir.v.v @Electr1 @numbqq Thanks very much, maybe I should try usb-to-ethernet adapter

Yes, you can try, but it’s also not a fact that it will work.