Is it posible to control GPIOD_15?


Is it possible to control GPIOD_15 (pin 39) on VIM4? I have tried controlling GPIOT_15 (GPIOD_15 does not seem to be present) using the method described here: GPIO | Khadas Documentation, but this does not work (voltage is always 3.1 VDC).


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Petter Norgren-Aamot

Yes you can control pin with wiringpi library or direct via gpio commands:
sudo gpio mode 18 out // this will open GPIOD_15 pin39 as output
sudi gpio write 18 1 // sets logical 1
sudi gpio write 18 0 // sets logical 0

Thanks. I got confused since the documentation stated that this was GPIOD_15 (which did not exist), but then it is actually GPIOD_5.

Yup, on VIM4 Hardware | Khadas Documentation it is GPIOD_15
but if you run gpio readall it will tell you all correct data.
On page
is schematic with correct number.