Internet turns off when I switch to TV channel and re-enter KHADAS

Internet ( Ethernet ) turns off when I switch to TV channel and re-enter KHADAS.
I have a Khadas Vim2 MAX with the latest Firmware VIM2_Nougat_V171028
The same problem when re-entering after screensaver.
I have to disconnect the board to reestablish the internet connection,
Please find me a solution

I’m Portuguese. Sorry, my bad English. Hope you understand my problem.

I’m very pleased with this board. Had a Raspberry pi3 before.

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I’m not quite sure whether I correctly understand what your meanting or not, but I’ll try to figure out a solution.

You meant that you swich your monitor to TV channel first, then back to HDMI/Khadas, the Ethernet of VIM2 will turns off, right?

You tried with two different ROMs with same issues, right?

What do you mean that disconnect the board? Plug out the USB-C power cable and plug in again?

Is it possiable for you to recoard a simple video, it will be helpful :wink:


Hello. Yes to all.
Thanks for the quick reply.

How long time you switch to TV channel when it happened? And does it happen everytime or randomly?

The time im not shure. Maybe 30m or 1 hour. Since i have the board i have this issues .

I had the WOL turned off. Now its turn ON. Maybe that was the problem. Will tell you later.

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Its OK for now. You can close this issue.