Intermittent screen flicker

Has anyone else experienced intermittent screen flicker on their Vim? I’ve tried two different HDMI cables and am running the latest rooted Marshmallow firmware set to 1080p with HDR off on a 1080p monitor.

I use this monitor with half a dozen other tv boxes and don’t notice this issue with them.

The flicker occurs across all apps and screens. It’s quite noticeable when it’s there, and may be related to radio interference from my 2.4 ghz USB air mouse or from the box itself.

I changed my air mouse for another; the flicker still comes and goes, though not as frequently. I also tried another power supply ( 5v/2a).

Postscript: On a hunch, I downgraded from the rooted rom (161213) to the previous unrooted one (161211). The flicker was significantly improved - almost gone. not quite – but almost. There seems to be a video driver issue here.

Hi, Zahir:
Can you take a simple video for this?

I’ll try and grab one, but after reinstalling the rooted rom, I’m finding the flicker less noticeable. It’s a pulsing flicker as though the backlight was throbbing - most evident on darker backgrounds - but less evident after this reinstall. . Perhaps my hardware is settling down…?

Hi, Zahir:
Can you:

  • Try with another HDMI Cable?
  • Try with another monitor?
  • Try with another DC-adapter?

If your issue still exist, kindly assistant us to do the following things:

  • Take a simple video for that
  • Tell us your monitor model

And we will keep following this.

Hi Gouwa, thanks for the suggestions but two of those are things I’ve tried - three different hdmi cables, a different rated power supply, no improvement. I don’t have another monitor lying around, but will try my 55" Samsung TV next.

The computer monitor is an Asus MX 279.

Hi, Zahir:
Any news with your Samsung TV?
And can you have new try: change the HDMI output resolutions and test again?

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Hi Gouwa, happy to say that the Vim puts out an excellent and virtually flicker-free image on my Samsung TV. The color space of your firmware is calculated to give best results on a HD TV. On a PC monitor, the image can be a little dark. If we can get a color space selector on the next rom update, that would be wonderful.

I have reinstalled the firmware 3-4 times, and each time, the flicker on my PC monitor seemed to improve. It may be that my hardware and software needed to settle down together to give best results.

All the same, I think the Android video driver could be fine-tuned to improve interlacing and screen refresh. There is some video "noise’ on darker backgrounds.

Thanks for your interest.

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You can have a try:

  • Settings–>HDMI—>HDMI Mode
  • Settings–>HDMI—>Deep color mode