Intel AX210 gets low UDP throughput on VIM3l with AOSP 12_r32 + kernel 5.10

Intel AX210 gets good TCP throughput (1.6Gbps) on VIM3L on AOSP 12_r32 + kernel 5.10, CPU loading is 300/400. But gets low UDP throughput (900Mbps) and CPU loading is 400 / 400 (all CPU is exhausted).

Anyone hit this issue? What’s your solution or suggestions?

David Zou

Hi @goenjoy ,

Your comments are valuable to me.

David Zou

@David_Zou How much is it if you test with khadas firmware?

Do you mean Khadas Android Pei firmware?
I tried, but there is no Intel driver included in the FW

I tried the Ethernet port, the TCP downlink is 940Mbps, but the UDP downlink is only 420Mbps. In AOSP 12_r32 + kernel 5.10, same issue exists on Ethernet either.

Hi @goenjoy

Need your help on this issue.