Installing Thirdparty OS?

I searched through the community and people seem to ask for different versions of Ubuntu.

How can we install non ubuntu OS?

I would like to install Fedora 37 Workstation.

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I know you’ve asked for workstation, but here’s links for workstation and server - in case anyone else is interested.

Workstation: Fedora on Raspberry Pi :: Fedora Docs
Server: ARM Single Board Computer (SBC) Installation :: Fedora Docs

I not believe this will work currently, I installed using arm-image-installer using various khadas profiles (there is no edge2 yet) without joy, even tried going into rescue and tinkering with install. So I think we will need to wait for Khadas to support.

But +1 for Fedora support on the edge please!

On linux, you can use the dd tool from the terminal to create an image of your OS. I recommend using the command “man dd” from the terminal to familiarise yourself with the various command switches/options so that you don’t make any serious mistakes.

Once you’ve created your image using dd, you can then compress the image using the xz tool. Again from the terminal. Worth noting that xz supports multithreading, so that should help speed things up a little. Again, you can read through the options for xz by typing “man xz”.

If you’re using a powerful or more capable computer to do the imaging and compressing, then you might as well use the extreme compression options and get the absolute most out of it. Then just flash the xz-compressed image to the eMMC the way you normally would.