Input voltage USB-C indicator


I power the VIM3 with an external power bank connected on the USB-C port. I would like to know the voltage that it’s supplying to the board to know if I need to change the battery.

Is there any internal parameter on Android 9 that I can check to know it? I would like monitor it on my application to set an alert when the power level is under an specific value.

Thanks in advance.


There is no provision on VIM3 to monitor VBUS voltage… But even if there is it won’t help you. The power bank will output 5V no matter what the battery voltage is…

You can monitor the volatge using the ADCs present in VIM3 or use an external adc.

Last summer, I had some issues with a powerbank resetting to 5VDC everytime the charger (solar panels) switched on or off. So, I dismantled the power bank, replaced it’s charge control/output board with a current controlled buck converter for charging the reconfigured 2s4p 3.7 VDC LiFePO4 cells @ ~8VDC (to USB-C on SBC). Another buck converter drops the ~8VDC to 5VDC for motor drivers.
It works, BUT recently I saw this USB-C adapter with a programmable STM32 for voltage control. It would have solved my power bank reset problem without all the added fuss and expense. So, for whatever it is worth, I thought I’d share with other makers here: